Can Carpet Cleaners Be Environmentally Friendly?

The right carpet cleaners will prove to be both powerful and ecologically sound.

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Most of us don’t think about the environmental angle when we look for carpet cleaners.

Whether it’s industrial carpet extractors or a home carpet cleaner, the top priority for most of us is efficient cleaning.

At a distance from that, there seems to be a faith that environmentally-friendly products are often less proficient and useful. This purely isn’t true. In fact, the right carpet cleaners will prove to be both powerful and ecologically sound.

When it comes to ecologically-friendly carpet cleaners, one of the most important things to consider is water use. Some carpet cleaners might consume a lot of water when they clean. Apart from being lavish, this can also guide to longer drying time, which in turn gives bacteria and mold a ideal place and the time to take root and grow.

In more humid environments, a damp carpet can take even longer to dry.

This is a common complaint with most carpet cleaners - in commercial areas, where there is a lot of traffic; it simply isn't potential to wait a day to agree to a stretch of carpet to dry.

Ideally, the drying time should only be under six hours. This is why it's best to go with carpet cleaners that have a low-flow technology. This means that the machines use less water to clean, thus less waste.

If the carpet has tough ground-in dirt deposits or grease stains, it's best to opt for carpet steam cleaners, which use hot water for cleaning. With temperatures of up to 210º F, these carpet cleaners penetrate carpet fibers to remove the most deeply embedded stains.

For best cleaning outcome, it's best to go over the carpeted area with a vacuum first, then spray the area with carpet solution and then use the carpet cleaners.

These machines inject water and a cleaning solution into the carpet, and then extract out these liquids and all debris once embedded in the carpet.

As such, choosing the right kind of carpet cleaning solution is very important.

Whether you're using commercial carpet extractors or carpet shampooers, it's best to use a solution that's efficient and environmentally friendly as well.

Ideally, the solution should be completely plant-based, making it biodegradable - this aspect should also be tested by an independent laboratory. These cleaning solutions should also have technologies which penetrate the dirt deposits right at the molecule level - this makes it easier to break down very hard stains.

It also makes it easier for carpet cleaners to remove them completely. Apart from this, these carpet cleaning solutions should also be able to encapsulate dirt particles and crystallize around them. This ensures that no residue is left behind and the crystallized solution can easily be removed via extraction.

Carpet cleaners used with environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning products make for a complete cleaning experience. The low flow technology ensures that you not only save water, your carpets will also dry much faster. This means that bacteria and mold won't have a chance to grow.

Using green carpet cleaning products means that you can root out even the toughest deposits quickly and easily. Best of all, there will be non toxic chemical traces and the products are biodegradable as well.

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